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Back to School Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Posted on: September 14, 2011

Get Back to School Digital Scrapbooking Supplies:The School Days Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page Kit 1

The School Days Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page Kit 1 is a great  digital scrapbooking Quick Page Kit! This kit is filled with Quick Pages that are designed with school themed embellishments, and so much more!

And because this kit has Quick Pages, almost all the work is done! Just add your photos and some text, it only takes a few seconds scrapping and you are ready!

These Quick Pages (11×8.5 size paper) are great for home printing projects, or to turn into a digital album to email to family and friends, or to use in calendar projects.

Check out this digital scrapbooking kit that was used in this blog!The Quick Photo Album Digital Scrapbooking Kit is just what it says… super quick! Just add your favorite photos of family and friends to the predesigned Quick Page, and you are practically done!

Not only that, but this kit also includes 4 FREE WordArt Embellishments, so adding a quick-version of text to your digital scrapbooking page is a breeze!

This kit is made for for the US paper size and so it works well for large full-page digital scrapbooking magnet sheets!

Add some WordArt to the Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages too!

Buy Back to School WordArt Digitally scrap all of your school activities with the Back to School WordArt Kit for Digital Scrapbooking. Use the Back to School WordArt Kit to add extra detail and complete your pages with school-inspired sayings!

Use the beautiful golden bronze WordArt within this kit to decorate school photos, class activity photos, and all your back-to-school digital scrapbooking pages! Use the bronze-brushed WordArt for the start of the year, as well as graduation!

Add some fun to your digital scrapbooking projects by adding WordArt to your digital scrap pages! Use this WordArt Kit to sprinkle detail on your projects and to add a some personalization to you and your kids’ digital scrapbooking pages.

This kit works great with the Quick Photo Album Digital Scrapbooking Kit too!

Get Back to School Scrapbooking Kits and Supplies:

The Back to School Sticker Embellishment Set The Back to School Sticker Embellishment Set is an adorable set of school-inspired digital embellishments that add a bit of fun to all your school digital scrapbooking projects!

This kit is filled with school scrapbooking essentials that can add a little excitement to school projects, like: a school bus, backpacks, crayon box, note pad and MORE !

Digi Scrap Tip: Use this Back to School Digital Embellishment Kit to easily make your own stickers! It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun! The best part about making your own stickers is that you can make stickers as many times as you want to, without having to purchase a new set! Make your own adorable stickers inexpensively this year by buying some sticker paper at a local office supply store (sticker paper not included) and then printing the Digital Embellishment Kit on the sticker paper! Use the stickers on cards, coloring books, or anywhere else that could use some school themed images!

Buy Back to School scrap supplies The Back-to-School Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 (12×12″ papers) is a kit that is great for Digital Scrapbooking Pages dedicated to the start of a brand new school year, or other school-related themes! This kit comes with 12×12″ digital papers, School-themed digital embellishments and WordArt too!

Add embellishments, text, and coordinating digital photos to the school-themed digital scrapbooking kit, and you have gorgeous, finished digital scrapbooking pages!

Buy Back to School scrap supplies The Back-to-School Digital Scrapbooking Kit 1 (12×12″ papers) is a super-fun kit that is perfect for Digital Scrapbooking Pages dedicated to the start of a brand new school year, or special classes, or favorite school subjects, getting ready for school, and other school-related themes! This kit comes with 12×12″ digital papers and several School-themed digital embellishments!

Use special photos of back-to-school shopping, your child walking towards the bus on their first day of school, or your favorite classroom photos and combine them with this school-inspired kit to create fun, back-to-school digital scrapbooking projects!

Buy Back to School custom brushes The Back-to-School Brushes for Digital Scrapbooking are a super-fun set of digital brushes, perfect for Digital Scrapbooking Pages dedicated to the start of a brand new school year, special classes or favorite school subjects, getting ready for school, and other school-related themes!

Custom Brushes are just one of the many exciting things to do when Digital Scrapbooking within Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Custom Brushes can be used as a digital version of a rubber stamp, and can be “stamped” on Digital Scrapbook Pages, for a more traditional scrapbook look!

Special Note: If you would like more detail on how to use and install custom brushes please see our training in ~ Photoshop or in Photoshop Elements .

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Also read Back to School articles too

Do You Have a High School Senior?

By Denise Bell

Do you have a High School Senior this year? I do. As I think Digitally Scrap your High School Seniorabout the past seventeen years, I realize that they have flown by.

So, I know that the next few months will not last as long as I want them to. However, I am determined to capture the memory of my sons’ senior year and make it a year that our family will remember forever.

Maybe you would like to join me as I make a scrapbook page for every month of his Senior year.



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