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Capturing our family pets on camera is fun and can add to our digital scrapbooking pages and can preserve our memories of them in our lives!

See this article to read more about scrapping our pets in digi projects! – See Digital Scrapping our Pets!

Also, to make the photos better in your digital scrapbooking project get the green eye out of your pet’s eyes before you add the photo to your page.

Pet green-eye is similar to the human-version, red-eye, but removing green-eye from your pet photos is another story.

It’s not quite as easy to remove green-eye as it is to remove red-eye within Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. It can be frustrating as a beginner, and for those of you that aren’t very familiar with photo editing, these green-eyed pet photos usually end up deleted instead of proudly posted on the fridge where they belong.

However, if you are interested we do have training that shows you how to take the green eye out of your precious pet’s photos.

Removing Pet Green eye in photos Training Removing Pet Green-Eye is the second part of the Eyes Series within the Digi MakeOver Madness Tutorials. (There is training for getting rid of Red-Eye for people’s photos too!)

In this Lesson for Pets, you’ll learn how to remove that nasty-looking green from pet digital photos – which is much different than simply using the Red-Eye Removal Tool!

Make your precious pet’s eyes look natural and brilliant once again; just like when you snapped the photo!


Here are other things you might be interested in:

Buy scrapbooking supplies Enjoy these Velvet Textured spring-inspired Digital Scrapbooking Papers in this kit. The Spring Velvet Digital Paper Kit 2 (12×12″) comes with gorgeous colors like pink, purple, green and yellow all fun for Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter backgrounds and more!

These papers can be used in a variety of ways in your digital scrapbooking projects, your imagination is the only limit! The large 12×12″ size is great for any traditional size digital scrapbooking project. This kit comes with a bonus embellishments – a bow, clip and flower!

Get Training to Take out Red-Eye for People’s Photos:

 “Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye for Elements Users” Removing "Demon-Looking" Red-Eye  Trainingis part of the Digi MakeOver Madness Training Series with Photo Editing focusing on the Eyes! This Series has lots of Tips and Tricks to make your Digital Photos look fabulous; filled with tutorials to complete beautiful, natural-looking Virtual MakeOvers!

Removing “Demon-Looking” Red-Eye is the first Lesson in the Digi Make Over Madness Series for Eyes. In this Lesson we review the quick and easy red-eye removal tool and learn how to use it on Digital Photos filled with Red-Eye. Removing Red-Eye makes the eyes look natural and brilliant once again… just like when you snapped the picture!

Removing "Demon-Looking" Red-Eye  Training “Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye for Photoshop Users” Remove that scary, “demon-looking” Red-Eye from all of your Digital Photos using this Digi MakeOver Madness Tutorial in Photoshop! Make eyes look natural and brilliant once again!

Why not look your best when adding photos to Facebook, MySpace, your Website, Email, or even just as you add them to your Digital Scrapbooking Projects!

Try our other virtual makeup photo editing tricks: Digital Tanning, Airbrushing Photos (celebrity or not!), Removing Wrinkles, Whitening Teeth, and more! If you have REAL, HUMAN babies, we also have a brand-new collection of baby photo editing tutorials too!

All of our Digi MakeOver Madness Tutorials are fun and comes with a training video and a cheat sheet!


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