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Have a Happy 4th of July

Get Disposable Cameras for Kids to take 4th of July Photos Soon it will be the 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! You probably will have a cookout, go to the park, or catch a fireworks show! You will probably snap lots of nice photos today that you can use in future digital scrapbooking projects. But why should you be alone in having all the “digital fun”?!!  What I mean is, why not let the kids get involve in taking some of the 4th of July photos for your holiday digital scrapbooking projects?

Depending on your kids age, digital cameras might not be in the budget and totally out of the question. Especially if your kids are really young, they might drop a nice digital camera and damage it, or just, plain lose the camera! But perhaps instead of spending big bucks on nice, new digital cameras, try something a little more cost-efficient for little kids that want to join in on the photo-fun and take some holiday pics. Try getting the kids a disposable camera that you can buy at any local grocery or drug store! These cameras are not too expensive and if one gets lost or broken it is definitely not the end of the world.

Have children photograph the 4th of July celebrations!Why give the kids a camera today?  Well, it is the 4th of July and as a parent, I’m sure you have lots to do to prepare for the holiday festivities! While the day still will be fun, you might be busy cooking and baking food for the cookout, packing for the picnic or fireworks show, and need an extra hand when it comes to taking the holiday photos! With summer here, and many kids out of school, they have plenty of free time to help you out and take a few pics! Not to mention, giving them the responsibility to be in charge of the disposable camera and getting lots of family and holiday shots will help them keep busy and stay away from being wild, crazy, and bored!

Here some 4th of July photo and kid ideas:

7-4-2009 9-02-25 AM 1. Get a holiday-themed, cost-efficient disposable camera. Around the holidays, you can usually find disposable cameras that are holiday-themed. If you find a disposable camera that is decorated for the 4th of July, you might want to get that one to add to the holiday-fun! Using a disposable camera that has the American flag can get kids excited about the holiday and about being in charge of taking special photos!

Make a list to help children stay focused and look for good photos 2. Make a list of 4th of July photo-ops that the child should look for. You know if you give a small child a camera and ask them to take photos without any instruction then 5 minutes later they will have used up the whole camera on silly things and will be bored again!  Take a few moments and prepare them for their “important responsibility” ! Make a list of photo-ops that they should look for, and spread these pics throughout the day, like: getting ready for the 4th of July BBQ, the actual Independence Day celebration, the fireworks show, etc (for younger children, you may need to draw pictures of the shots they should look for like flags, food, people – yes, stick figures are perfectly fine!) Also, you might want to add some hints or suggestions for the photos. This way they have to think about what they are looking for. You might explain that a good photographer really looks around and thinks about the photos before they take the picture. You may even want to offer some hints or suggestions that might help them look for good photos! For example, you might add to their list “Take 2 photos at the BBQ, or Cookout” then you might give them these a few hints, “Look for the yummiest looking dish of food at the BBQ buffet,” or ”Find something funny, like a person doing something crazy or a pet being cute!” Take a few minutes to create a photo-checklist and keep your kids busy, feeling special, and excited to play photographer!

Let your children pick a few shots that are surprise to you! 3. Leave a few extra of the photos on the camera for “creativity shots.” Ask your children to find surprises and take photos of anything that interests them too! It will be exciting to see what “creativity shots” your kids can come up with, when they know they have a few “wild card” pics that are special and should be saved for something unique! I always think that it is nice to give children structure because it helps to fend off boredom and gives them purpose.  However, I do think that adding some room for them to pick their own photo surprises also helps them to develop their own creativity! I think creativity is as important as structure, it really is nice to have both – don’t you think?

Then help your child to turn those photos into digital scrapbooking pages! 4. After the celebration, help them to digitally scrap the photos into digital scrapbooking pages, albums, and projects. For help on this, check out these blog articles: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 1 and also this blog article: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 2 . Helping your children preserve the memories of this 4th of July celebration and the day you let them take the photos could be a very special holiday memory! 

If you want some Digital Scrapbooking Page ideas to help your children digitally scrap the photos they shot, then visit Digital Scrapbooks and More’s 4th of July Idea Page! This web page shows digital scrapbooking kits and supplies and how they were made into Digital Scrapbooking Pages! Take a look,  it might give you some digital scrapbooking inspiration for all of your digital scrapbooking Independence Day scrapbooking projects!

Have a very happy 4th of July and make wonderful memories today!

Happy Scrapping,



To coordinate you 4th of July scrapbooking  try the Freedom Digital Scrapbooking Kit! Filled with patriotic red, white, and blue papers, you can scrap all of your 4th of July fun! Whether you see a fireworks show, or enjoy some yummy BBQ at a cookout, enjoy your freedom and scrap all the wonderful holiday’s activities.

Freedom Digital Scrapbooking Kit from Digital Scrapbooks and MoreBONUS: When you buy the Freedom Digital Scrapbooking Kit, you get an ENTIRE Overlay Kit for FREE! Use these FREE coordinating border Overlays to add some extra holiday personalization!

If you’re not sure how to use Overlays, not to worry, we have training! Overlays are essentially Transparencies that have texture, designs, or patterns that can enhance your Digital Scrapbooking Papers and Pages. Add them to Digital Scrapbooking Papers to add a pattern, enhance texture, or create a 3-D design. You also have the ability to color or apply special techniques to Overlays to enhance your projects and even apply different looks!

Try Overlay Training for Photoshop or Overlay Training for Photoshop Elements

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 Do you wish you had a few ideas on how to improve your photo taking skills? And do you wish you knew what to do with those photos after you have taken them?

If you are interested getting some tips to take better photos and  ideas on how to use those photos then see these helpful articles.
Check out these blog articles to get photo tips and ideas:

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Article: Start a Veggie Garden and Digitally Scrap it tooUse lighting to get better photos!

Article: Turn Your Flower Photo into a Digital Scrapbooking Embellishment!

Article: Frame Your Veggie and Flower Garden Scrap Pages and Use to Decorate Your Home!

Article: Digital Scrapbooking Training: Training in Class or At Home?

Also, after the photo is taken you can edit it for more dramatic and lovely affects! Learn more about photo editing using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Check out these Photo Editing Tutorials:

Airbrushing Portrait Photos in Photoshop Elements 7

Removing Shadows training! Removing Shadows and Lightening Photos in Photoshop Elements

Convert Photos to Black and White in Photoshop Elements

Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye in Photoshop

Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye in Photoshop Elements

Getting Rid of Wrinkles, Zits, or Moles in Photoshop Elements

Whitening Teeth within Photoshop Elements

Adjusting Skin Tones and Digi Tanning in Photoshop Elements

Removing Wrinkles, Lines, and Bags in Photoshop Elements

Also see these baby editing tutorials:

NEW: Baby Series- Removing Baby Red-Eye, Converting to Black and White, and Adding Artistic Effects to Baby and Pregnancy Photos

Happy Scrapping and Photo Editing!


See these other Kits to use with your Flower Garden Scrapbooking Projects:

Buy The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 1 (12x12The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 1 (12×12″) is a gorgeous kit filled with flowers!The kit has pretty pastel papers that are decorated with colorful flowers.  Use the Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit to create unforgettable Digital Scrapbooking Projects of an afternoon in your flower garden, a beautiful walk at the park, or for other special life moments! The large 12×12″ size is great for any traditional size digital scrapbooking project.

The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 (12×12″) is a gorgeous kit filled with lots of blooming flowers! Don’t wait to start scrapping your flower garden and writing notes about it too! The  Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 is filled with soft-colored green, yellow, and The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 (12x12pink backgrounds and sprinkled with beautiful roses, lilies, and more! Write notes and save special memories using the seriously pretty Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2; a kit sprinkled with beautiful blooming flowers and includes flower-designed notepad digi-paper to write down all your special memories! 

Use the Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 to create unforgettable Digital Scrapbooking Projects of an afternoon in your flower garden, a beautiful walk at the park, or for other special life moments that could use some pretty pastel papers and flowers: a new baby, a new romance, spring and summer-fun, or the “Big Day.” However you decide to use this pretty little digi-kit; it’s always nice to remember special moments with a stunning Digital Scrapbooking Kit! Include text and add special memories using the digi notepad paper and pen embellishment!

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Quick Pages are great because they are pre-designed scrapbooking pages, that someone has done all the work, and all you have to do is add your photos, and some text and basically you are done!

That is right! It is that simple with Quick Pages!

See this article about Quick Pages and Ideas for May Scrapbooking and Photo taking Ideas, Mother’s Day Ideas, and other Quick Page Articles Here:

Article: May Digital Scrapbooking and Photo-Taking Ideas

Webpage Ideas Page: Mother’s Day Scrapbooking Ideas

Article: Need Scrap Pages fast then Use Quick Pages!

Article: Making a Gift Calendar from Quick Pages!

Article: Mother’s Day Ideas and Resources

Article: Have a Mother’s Day Tea Party

Article: Grandmothers and Digital Scrapbooking

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Get Digital Scrapbooking Supplies that go with the FREEBIE!

DSM_SpringVelvet_QuickPageKi2_11x8_A[2] Digitally scrap all of your Spring themed Digital Scrapbooking Projects. The Spring Velvet Quick Page Kit 2 (formatted 11×8.5″ paper size) is a kit filled with bright greens, purples and yellow Quick Pages! This kit also includes FREE bonus WordArt for a nice way to personalize your pages! The Quick Page paper size is 11×8.5″ perfect for home printing projects, calendars, digital photo frames, and more!

Get into Spring with this Quick Page Kit! The Spring Velvet Quick Page Kit is exactly that… quick! Spend most of your time enjoying the new blooming flowers, and scrap these beautiful moments with a kit that’s super-quick to scrap! Just add digital photos and you’re basically done!

DSM_SpringVelvet_QuickPageKit1_12x12 Digitally scrap all of your Spring themed Digital Scrapbooking Projects. The Spring Velvet Quick Page Kit 1 (formatted 12×12″ paper size) is a kit filled with light green, purple, pink and yellow Quick Pages!

Use the notes on the Quick Pages to write recipes or put journal notes! The Quick Page paper size is 12×12″ perfect for traditional digital scrapbooking projects and larger scrapbooking pages!

Want to get other digital supplies?

Spring Velvet Scrapbooking Embellishment Kit 1 is great for adding details to your Spring Events, Mother’s Day DSM_SpringVelvet_Embellishment_Kit1_175Parties, Easter Egg Hunt pages, St Patrick’s Day scrapping, Valentine’s Day Events, and other digital scrapbooking projects! Enjoy these spring colored velvet pinks, purples, yellows, and green Digital Scrapbooking Embellishments!

There a lots of different embellishments to choose from. Add the notepad paper from this kit to scribble down love poems, or include the recipe card to jot down your best dish! Also use the digital embellishments to finish off scrap pages that can be turned into gifts, such as Calendars, Aprons, Puzzles, Mouse Pads and much More! The Spring Velvet Digital Scrapbooking Embellishment Kit 1 is a wonderful way to create digital scrapbooking projects that are Spring-inspired! Use the embellishments with photos to complete digital scrapbooking projects.

DSM_SpringVelvet_Paper_11x8_Kit1_175 Enjoy these Velvet Textured spring-inspired Digital Scrapbooking Papers in this kit. The Spring Velvet Digital Paper Kit 1 (11×8.5″ or 8.5×11″) comes with gorgeous colors like pink, purple, green and yellow for Spring backgrounds, all only as just a start to how you can uses them! These papers can be used in a variety of ways in your digital scrapbooking projects, and can be rotated to work in a vertical or horizontal layout! Being able to rotate and use as 11×8.5″ or 8.5 x11″ makes these papers useful for many digital scrapbooking projects like calendars, recipe albums, photo books, and more! Also because this paper kit is formatted in US paper size, it makes it easier to print out on home printers! This kit comes with a bonus tag embellishments kit too: three tags, one with clovers, one with a flower, and one tag with Easter eggs!

See other Digital Scrapbooking Kits, Quick Page Kits, and other digital scrapbooking supplies at the Scrap Shop

Want to learn how to turn digital scrapbooking pages into calendar pages?

If so check out the training that teaches how to use online printers to make calendars, albums, and more!   See Lesson 6 for Photoshop Elements users or Lesson 5 for Photoshop users!

GSE8_Lesson6_1753444 “Saving and Printing Finished Digital Scrapbooking Pages and Projects – Lesson 6” is the sixth Lesson in the Digital Scrapbooks and More’s Getting Started Series to learn Digital Scrapbooking using Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8. This lesson focuses on saving, and printing. This lesson includes Videos and Training Guides to get started quickly! Lesson 6  covers a lot of interesting printing options. Whether you want to print on your home printer, or through an online company, learn about turning your digital scrapbooking pages into calendars, albums and other gifts!

Elements8_GS_CD_175_thumb1444 Why not learn about all about digital scrapbooking?  Take the whole Getting Started Series Lesson 1-6 for Elements and Lesson 1-5 for Photoshop!

The Getting Started Series in Digital Scrapbooking using Photoshop Elements 8 is the ultimate training! CD-set includes: tutorial videos, training guides for ALL Lessons (1-6) and lots of freebies too!

Get good training for Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking using either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements!

See the Photo Edit Training too, or Intermediate and Advanced Digital Scrapbook training as well!

Capturing our family pets on camera is fun and can add to our digital scrapbooking pages and can preserve our memories of them in our lives!

See this article to read more about scrapping our pets in digi projects! – See Digital Scrapping our Pets!

Also, to make the photos better in your digital scrapbooking project get the green eye out of your pet’s eyes before you add the photo to your page.

Pet green-eye is similar to the human-version, red-eye, but removing green-eye from your pet photos is another story.

It’s not quite as easy to remove green-eye as it is to remove red-eye within Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. It can be frustrating as a beginner, and for those of you that aren’t very familiar with photo editing, these green-eyed pet photos usually end up deleted instead of proudly posted on the fridge where they belong.

However, if you are interested we do have training that shows you how to take the green eye out of your precious pet’s photos.

Removing Pet Green eye in photos Training Removing Pet Green-Eye is the second part of the Eyes Series within the Digi MakeOver Madness Tutorials. (There is training for getting rid of Red-Eye for people’s photos too!)

In this Lesson for Pets, you’ll learn how to remove that nasty-looking green from pet digital photos – which is much different than simply using the Red-Eye Removal Tool!

Make your precious pet’s eyes look natural and brilliant once again; just like when you snapped the photo!


Here are other things you might be interested in:

Buy scrapbooking supplies Enjoy these Velvet Textured spring-inspired Digital Scrapbooking Papers in this kit. The Spring Velvet Digital Paper Kit 2 (12×12″) comes with gorgeous colors like pink, purple, green and yellow all fun for Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter backgrounds and more!

These papers can be used in a variety of ways in your digital scrapbooking projects, your imagination is the only limit! The large 12×12″ size is great for any traditional size digital scrapbooking project. This kit comes with a bonus embellishments – a bow, clip and flower!

Get Training to Take out Red-Eye for People’s Photos:

 “Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye for Elements Users” Removing "Demon-Looking" Red-Eye  Trainingis part of the Digi MakeOver Madness Training Series with Photo Editing focusing on the Eyes! This Series has lots of Tips and Tricks to make your Digital Photos look fabulous; filled with tutorials to complete beautiful, natural-looking Virtual MakeOvers!

Removing “Demon-Looking” Red-Eye is the first Lesson in the Digi Make Over Madness Series for Eyes. In this Lesson we review the quick and easy red-eye removal tool and learn how to use it on Digital Photos filled with Red-Eye. Removing Red-Eye makes the eyes look natural and brilliant once again… just like when you snapped the picture!

Removing "Demon-Looking" Red-Eye  Training “Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye for Photoshop Users” Remove that scary, “demon-looking” Red-Eye from all of your Digital Photos using this Digi MakeOver Madness Tutorial in Photoshop! Make eyes look natural and brilliant once again!

Why not look your best when adding photos to Facebook, MySpace, your Website, Email, or even just as you add them to your Digital Scrapbooking Projects!

Try our other virtual makeup photo editing tricks: Digital Tanning, Airbrushing Photos (celebrity or not!), Removing Wrinkles, Whitening Teeth, and more! If you have REAL, HUMAN babies, we also have a brand-new collection of baby photo editing tutorials too!

All of our Digi MakeOver Madness Tutorials are fun and comes with a training video and a cheat sheet!

Get your Children Interested in Digitla Scrapbooking

Get your Children Interested in Digital Scrapbooking

Are you a Digital Scrapbooker and now you want to introduce your children to the wonderful hobby – Digital Scrapbooking?

If so you might want to check out these resource to help you get ideas of how to introduce your children to digital scrapbooking!

First, check the website Digital Scrapbooks and More as it always has great ideas, and digital scrapbooking FREEBIES.

Then Check out Digital Scrapbooks and More’s wonderful Scrap Shop for Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Editing Video Tutorials and Digital Scrapbooking Supplies!

Next, look at these blog articles that really can help you  get ideas about how to get young children, teens and college-age kids interested in Digital Scrapbooking!

Blog Article 1: Keeping Starving Students Fed: 6 Tips for Digitally Scrapping Your Recipes!
Blog Article 2: Help Teens Find a Passion: Try Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Editing
Blog Article 3: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 1
Blog Article 4: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 2

Take a few moments and look these blog articles over and see if they can help you pass this wonderful hobby on to your children!

Have a happy day!

Teach your Children to Do Digital Scrapbooking

Teach your Children to Do Digital Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking is a great hobby, we enjoy doing it and it is nice to share it with our children!

Children today are very computer savy and it is not a hard to imagine them getting involved in Digital Scrapbooking too!

Help your children develop a new hobby and help perserve family memories, and in the process CREATE NEW ONES!

See these blog articles that give ideas and tips to help you get started helping your children with Digital Scrapbooking!

It is easy to teach your children about digital scrapbooking if you know how  — not sure how to do digital scrapbooking? No problem! Check out our great Digital Scrapbooking training at our Scrap Shop! You can take training in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements too!

For more inspiration about help kids learn and do digital scrapbooking  – check out these great blog articles packed with information, ideas and inspiration to help you get your kids started in the wonderful Digital Scrapbooking Hobby!

Read Blog Article: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 1
Read Blog Article: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 2
Read Blog Article: Create Coloring Pages for Kids With Photoshop or Elements Custom Brushes
Read Blog Article: Capturing Photo Shy Teens – Get Photo Editing Training!

Have a nice day and teach a kid a new hobby — Digital Scrapbooking!!! 🙂

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Have a nice day!

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