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Photoshop has been around for awhile — around 20 years!

Here is some Photoshop History:

Photoshop HistoryCan you believe Photoshop is 20 years old!!!  I can’t!

Photoshop is just a little younger than my own kids  — they (both my children and Photoshop) have grown up so quickly! Time flies!

So have you ever wondered how Photoshop got started? how it grew, and where it is now? If so then check out this information about Photoshop!

Read the whole article here… Some Photoshop History!

The latest version of Photoshop is CS5 (12), and some of it’s new features are Puppet Warp Tool, Content Aware Fill, Mixer Brush, Bristle Tips, Automatic Lens Correction and more!

Digital Scrapbooks and More offers digital scrapbook training in CS5 With this latest release of Photoshop, Digital Scrapbooks and More offers digital scrapbook training in CS5

The Getting Started Series in Digital Scrapbooking using Photoshop CS5  is the ultimate training!  Get downloadable training for Photoshop CS3 and Digital Scrapbooking today!Digital Scrapbooks and More offers digital scrapbook training in CS5

Photoshop has made a great impact on our culture, it has probably retouched most of the images we look at every day!

If you have been wanting to learn about Photoshop and have more fun in photo editing or digital scrapbooking then you would want to check out the training in Photoshop here!

See the info on the the training below:

Have a nice day!

The best place to learn all about Photoshop? Digital Scrapbooks and More of course! Check out our Scrap Shop for great Photoshop training!

Digital Scrapbooking and Photoshop CS5 Training:

**Note this training can be used by Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS4 users!

Get all of the Photoshop CS5 Downloadable Training Here!

Lesson 1: Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking using Photoshop CS5 Lesson 1: Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking using Photoshop CS5. This Lesson covers some of the essential details that digital Scrapbookers really need to get started. Such as: opening Adobe® Photoshop® CS5, and overview of the Workspace, an introduction to the the Panel Areas, Intro to the Layers Panel and Helpful Tips to get you started using Photoshop. Learning and understanding these concepts is critical to any digital scrapbooking beginner and makes a world of difference once you learn them! This Lesson includes Video Training, Step By Step Training Guides, Cheat Sheets and More!

Lesson 2: Digital Scrapbooking using Basic Tools in Photoshop CS5. This lesson in the “Getting Started Series” is extremely exciting, because we Lesson 2: Digital Scrapbooking using Basic Tools in Photoshop CS5.immediately dig in, and begin digital scrapbooking! No wasting time, or on tools that don’t make sense to learn yet. In this lesson you begin by learning the tools and information that are needed to create a digital scrapbooking page NOW! Lesson 2 teaches the very essence of a basic digital scrapbooking page, with step-by-step information about building layers, adding digital photos, creating shapes, how to use the Text tool, and basically teaches how to create a basic digital scrapbooking page from scratch within Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 – TODAY! This Lesson includes Video Training, Step By Step Training Guides, Cheat Sheets and More!

Lesson 3: Quick Pages and Digital Scrapbooking in Photoshop CS5. Lesson 3: Quick Pages and Digital Scrapbooking in Photoshop CS5. Lesson 3 is filled with exciting training and FREE digital supplies like 4 Quick Pages and more! This lesson continues our digital scrapbooking training for beginners by focusing on Quick Pages. Quick Pages are an important, and a must-know part of digital scrapbooking; and learning how to use them can provide a quick and easy alternative to other types of digital scrapbooking. Lesson 3 is jam-packed with important digital scrapbooking and Photoshop tool training like: creating a Clipping Mask, using the Crop Tool, the Eraser Tool, Brush Tool, Magic Wand Tool and Quick Selection Tool! Also, this lesson shows solutions for the tricky Quick Page challenges, such as information about using 12×12″ size Quick Pages and converting them to 8.5×11″ or 11×8.5″ projects! Also, this lesson teaches how to use PNG and JPEG Quick Pages and the different techniques that are needed for each type of Quick Page formats! This Lesson includes Video Training, Step By Step Training Guides, Cheat Sheets and FREE Quick Pages too!

Lesson 4: Create a Scrap Page using Outside Digital Supplies and Kits in Photoshop CS5. This lesson focuses on creating a basic digital Lesson 4: Create a Scrap Page using Outside Digital Supplies and Kits in Photoshop CS5 scrapbooking page with outside digital supplies such as purchased digital papers, embellishments, WordArt, and Alphas!  This lesson introduces the Mini Bridge feature in CS5. Also, this lesson shows how to create a digital ribbon, a “book-binding” embellishment, and a digital photo border. It explores several Photoshop tools like the Marquee Tool, the Crop Tool, and the Rectangle Tool, and how these tools relate to digital scrapbooking tasks with digital supplies. Learn about formatting digital scrapbooking papers and creating solutions for common digital scrapbooking challenges. In lesson 4 we also take Text from a Word Processing program and show you how  add it to digital scrapbooking pages in Photoshop! This Lesson includes Video Training, Step By Step Training Guides, Cheat Sheets and FREE Digital Scrapbooking Supplies too!

Lesson 5: Saving and Printing Digital Scrapbooking Pages and Projects. This lesson has three parts, which focus on saving a digital  scrapbooking page in three important file formats. Saving all your hard work Lesson 5: Saving and Printing Digital Scrapbooking Pages and actually a little more detailed than you might expect! (Part 1). The next tutorial in this lesson focuses on printing digital scrapbooking pages on a home printer (Part 2). Then looking at printing digital scrapbooking projects through an online printing company (Part 3). Bonus Training included in this lesson! Get an extra Video tutorial and Step by Step Training guide on how to get your computer to show file extensions. Most computers come with the file extensions turned off. However, in digital scrapbooking and photo editing projects having the file extensions helps. Find out how to turn them on in this Bonus Training! This Lesson includes Video Training, Step By Step Training Guides, Cheat Sheets and more!

Lesson 6: Helpful Hints for Photoshop CS5 Lesson 6 has three parts, which focus on how to create and save a custom workspace in Photoshop. This could be a custom workspace for digital scrapbooking, and GSPCS5_Lesson6_HelpfulHints_175another one for Photo Editing. Your custom workspace is set up to how you like it, with the Panels arranged and chosen just for the way you work! (Part 1). The next tutorial in this lesson focuses on how to make 3 Scrapbooking Document Presets. When you are about to make a digital scrapbooking page you have to type in all the settings for each type of document you want. But how about having 3 presets that have all your settings already for 3 popular digital scrapbooking pages? This lesson shows how to set them up! Also this tutorial show how to get color samples from outside of Photoshop and get the color chip tool to display those colors in Photoshop. Plus this tutorial shows where you can get more advanced text options! (Part 2). Then take a look at the third video training in this lesson set, it focuses on how to get additional help for Photoshop and shows a neat trick for bring images into Photoshop workspace from a computer folder! (Part 3). After taking this lesson, one is ready to advance to other intermediate Photoshop training! This Training includes Videos and Training Guides to get started quickly! Also a Bonus Digital Scrapbooking Kit is included with this lesson!

—- The Getting Started Series in Digital Scrapbooking using Photoshop CS5 is the ultimate training! Each lesson includes: tutorial videos, training guides, and some lesson have digital scrapbook freebies too!
Get this new training now!


Have a Happy 4th of July

Get Disposable Cameras for Kids to take 4th of July Photos Soon it will be the 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! You probably will have a cookout, go to the park, or catch a fireworks show! You will probably snap lots of nice photos today that you can use in future digital scrapbooking projects. But why should you be alone in having all the “digital fun”?!!  What I mean is, why not let the kids get involve in taking some of the 4th of July photos for your holiday digital scrapbooking projects?

Depending on your kids age, digital cameras might not be in the budget and totally out of the question. Especially if your kids are really young, they might drop a nice digital camera and damage it, or just, plain lose the camera! But perhaps instead of spending big bucks on nice, new digital cameras, try something a little more cost-efficient for little kids that want to join in on the photo-fun and take some holiday pics. Try getting the kids a disposable camera that you can buy at any local grocery or drug store! These cameras are not too expensive and if one gets lost or broken it is definitely not the end of the world.

Have children photograph the 4th of July celebrations!Why give the kids a camera today?  Well, it is the 4th of July and as a parent, I’m sure you have lots to do to prepare for the holiday festivities! While the day still will be fun, you might be busy cooking and baking food for the cookout, packing for the picnic or fireworks show, and need an extra hand when it comes to taking the holiday photos! With summer here, and many kids out of school, they have plenty of free time to help you out and take a few pics! Not to mention, giving them the responsibility to be in charge of the disposable camera and getting lots of family and holiday shots will help them keep busy and stay away from being wild, crazy, and bored!

Here some 4th of July photo and kid ideas:

7-4-2009 9-02-25 AM 1. Get a holiday-themed, cost-efficient disposable camera. Around the holidays, you can usually find disposable cameras that are holiday-themed. If you find a disposable camera that is decorated for the 4th of July, you might want to get that one to add to the holiday-fun! Using a disposable camera that has the American flag can get kids excited about the holiday and about being in charge of taking special photos!

Make a list to help children stay focused and look for good photos 2. Make a list of 4th of July photo-ops that the child should look for. You know if you give a small child a camera and ask them to take photos without any instruction then 5 minutes later they will have used up the whole camera on silly things and will be bored again!  Take a few moments and prepare them for their “important responsibility” ! Make a list of photo-ops that they should look for, and spread these pics throughout the day, like: getting ready for the 4th of July BBQ, the actual Independence Day celebration, the fireworks show, etc (for younger children, you may need to draw pictures of the shots they should look for like flags, food, people – yes, stick figures are perfectly fine!) Also, you might want to add some hints or suggestions for the photos. This way they have to think about what they are looking for. You might explain that a good photographer really looks around and thinks about the photos before they take the picture. You may even want to offer some hints or suggestions that might help them look for good photos! For example, you might add to their list “Take 2 photos at the BBQ, or Cookout” then you might give them these a few hints, “Look for the yummiest looking dish of food at the BBQ buffet,” or ”Find something funny, like a person doing something crazy or a pet being cute!” Take a few minutes to create a photo-checklist and keep your kids busy, feeling special, and excited to play photographer!

Let your children pick a few shots that are surprise to you! 3. Leave a few extra of the photos on the camera for “creativity shots.” Ask your children to find surprises and take photos of anything that interests them too! It will be exciting to see what “creativity shots” your kids can come up with, when they know they have a few “wild card” pics that are special and should be saved for something unique! I always think that it is nice to give children structure because it helps to fend off boredom and gives them purpose.  However, I do think that adding some room for them to pick their own photo surprises also helps them to develop their own creativity! I think creativity is as important as structure, it really is nice to have both – don’t you think?

Then help your child to turn those photos into digital scrapbooking pages! 4. After the celebration, help them to digitally scrap the photos into digital scrapbooking pages, albums, and projects. For help on this, check out these blog articles: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 1 and also this blog article: Helping Kids Start Digital Scrapbooking ~ Part 2 . Helping your children preserve the memories of this 4th of July celebration and the day you let them take the photos could be a very special holiday memory! 

If you want some Digital Scrapbooking Page ideas to help your children digitally scrap the photos they shot, then visit Digital Scrapbooks and More’s 4th of July Idea Page! This web page shows digital scrapbooking kits and supplies and how they were made into Digital Scrapbooking Pages! Take a look,  it might give you some digital scrapbooking inspiration for all of your digital scrapbooking Independence Day scrapbooking projects!

Have a very happy 4th of July and make wonderful memories today!

Happy Scrapping,



To coordinate you 4th of July scrapbooking  try the Freedom Digital Scrapbooking Kit! Filled with patriotic red, white, and blue papers, you can scrap all of your 4th of July fun! Whether you see a fireworks show, or enjoy some yummy BBQ at a cookout, enjoy your freedom and scrap all the wonderful holiday’s activities.

Freedom Digital Scrapbooking Kit from Digital Scrapbooks and MoreBONUS: When you buy the Freedom Digital Scrapbooking Kit, you get an ENTIRE Overlay Kit for FREE! Use these FREE coordinating border Overlays to add some extra holiday personalization!

If you’re not sure how to use Overlays, not to worry, we have training! Overlays are essentially Transparencies that have texture, designs, or patterns that can enhance your Digital Scrapbooking Papers and Pages. Add them to Digital Scrapbooking Papers to add a pattern, enhance texture, or create a 3-D design. You also have the ability to color or apply special techniques to Overlays to enhance your projects and even apply different looks!

Try Overlay Training for Photoshop or Overlay Training for Photoshop Elements

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 Do you wish you had a few ideas on how to improve your photo taking skills? And do you wish you knew what to do with those photos after you have taken them?

If you are interested getting some tips to take better photos and  ideas on how to use those photos then see these helpful articles.
Check out these blog articles to get photo tips and ideas:

Article: Take Better Digital Photos

Article: 4 Tips for Flower Photography

Article: Make Your Yard a Photo Opportunity!

Article: Start a Veggie Garden and Digitally Scrap it tooUse lighting to get better photos!

Article: Turn Your Flower Photo into a Digital Scrapbooking Embellishment!

Article: Frame Your Veggie and Flower Garden Scrap Pages and Use to Decorate Your Home!

Article: Digital Scrapbooking Training: Training in Class or At Home?

Also, after the photo is taken you can edit it for more dramatic and lovely affects! Learn more about photo editing using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Check out these Photo Editing Tutorials:

Airbrushing Portrait Photos in Photoshop Elements 7

Removing Shadows training! Removing Shadows and Lightening Photos in Photoshop Elements

Convert Photos to Black and White in Photoshop Elements

Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye in Photoshop

Removing Demon-Looking Red-Eye in Photoshop Elements

Getting Rid of Wrinkles, Zits, or Moles in Photoshop Elements

Whitening Teeth within Photoshop Elements

Adjusting Skin Tones and Digi Tanning in Photoshop Elements

Removing Wrinkles, Lines, and Bags in Photoshop Elements

Also see these baby editing tutorials:

NEW: Baby Series- Removing Baby Red-Eye, Converting to Black and White, and Adding Artistic Effects to Baby and Pregnancy Photos

Happy Scrapping and Photo Editing!


See these other Kits to use with your Flower Garden Scrapbooking Projects:

Buy The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 1 (12x12The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 1 (12×12″) is a gorgeous kit filled with flowers!The kit has pretty pastel papers that are decorated with colorful flowers.  Use the Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit to create unforgettable Digital Scrapbooking Projects of an afternoon in your flower garden, a beautiful walk at the park, or for other special life moments! The large 12×12″ size is great for any traditional size digital scrapbooking project.

The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 (12×12″) is a gorgeous kit filled with lots of blooming flowers! Don’t wait to start scrapping your flower garden and writing notes about it too! The  Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 is filled with soft-colored green, yellow, and The Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 (12x12pink backgrounds and sprinkled with beautiful roses, lilies, and more! Write notes and save special memories using the seriously pretty Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2; a kit sprinkled with beautiful blooming flowers and includes flower-designed notepad digi-paper to write down all your special memories! 

Use the Flower Garden Digital Scrapbooking Kit 2 to create unforgettable Digital Scrapbooking Projects of an afternoon in your flower garden, a beautiful walk at the park, or for other special life moments that could use some pretty pastel papers and flowers: a new baby, a new romance, spring and summer-fun, or the “Big Day.” However you decide to use this pretty little digi-kit; it’s always nice to remember special moments with a stunning Digital Scrapbooking Kit! Include text and add special memories using the digi notepad paper and pen embellishment!

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Today is wonderful Wednesday day again! So, we are giving away a FREE Digital Scrapbooking Spring Flower Embellishment for your Spring Digital Scrapbooking projects!

All you have to do is be a member of the Digital Scrapbooks and More Newsletter – if you are already a member check your email today for download information!

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For more information see this article: A Free Spring Flower for Your Digital Scrapbooking Projects!.

Use the FREEBIES to design your digital scrapbooking projects for Spring, Mother’s Day or Easter projects or anytime you just need a pastel color! Combine with your photos and scrapbooking supplies to create great scrapbooking pages!

Scrap your freebie!

If you would like to get other kits  to make more scrapbooking pages then check out these coordinating supplies!

Here Are some of the Scrapbooking Supplies used in this blog:

Spring digital scrapbooking supplies Enjoy these Velvet Textured spring-inspired Digital Scrapbooking Papers in this kit. The Spring Velvet Digital Paper Kit 2 (12×12″) comes with gorgeous colors like pink, purple, green and yellow all fun for Spring, Mother’s Day, and Easter backgrounds and more!

These papers can be used in a variety of ways in your digital scrapbooking projects, your imagination is the only limit! The large 12×12″ size is great for any traditional size digital scrapbooking project. This kit comes with a bonus embellishments – a bow, clip and flower!

Spring digital scrapbooking supplies Spring Velvet Scrapbooking Embellishment Kit 1 is great for adding details to your Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day and other digital scrapbooking projects! Enjoy these spring colored velvet pinks, purples, yellows, and green Digital Scrapbooking Embellishments!

After digitally scrapping a beautiful page, the very last thing you need to do is just add the finishing touches! Boost your pages and projects with spring-inspired design with this embellishment only kit! Use the embellishments for lots of different themes like – a spring digital scrap page, an Easter Day Project,  a special wedding or engagement album, or to make a card and gift for someone who you love!

Spring digital scrapbooking supplies Digitally scrap all of your Spring themed Digital Scrapbooking Projects. The Spring Velvet Quick Page Kit 3 Album (formatted 12×12″ paper size) is a kit filled with light green, purple, pink and yellow Quick Pages!  Use the recipe cards on the Quick Pages to write recipes or put add notes about the photos! The Quick Page paper size is 12×12″ perfect for traditional digital scrapbooking projects and larger scrapbooking pages! This kit comes with 5 bonus WordArt too!

Use the pretty colors like purple, green, pink and yellow for Spring digital pages, Mother’s Day Events, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter backgrounds, and this is only the beginning of how you can use them! Use this kit to create photo albums, journals, travel albums, recipe books, and more! The Quick Page Kit comes with a Quick Page that can be used as the cover for Journals, Albums, Recipe Books and More!

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